E.D.I - 'Explore' dunia Islam!!!

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10 Rabiul Akhir 1430

6 april 2009

Minggu EDI baru sahaja berakhir di kolej mara banting...

Alhamdulillah...we the management team of the program did manage to controll some disorders that occured during the preparation of the expo and the activities...even though there are alot of flaws that can be seen and detected from this project, it also allow many of us to know more about our team members, who are accountable and who are not..

In a way, this project really made us realise that there are still many of us that need the tarbiyah in order to further extend their competency in doing such projects in future which totally not only time consuming, but also the need of jihad and and patience..

Allah juga telah berfirman dalam surah At-Taubah; 111

"sesungguhnya, Allah membeli dari orang-orang mukmin,baik diri maupun harta mereka dengan memberikan syurga kepada mereka"

As we all can see,Allah have stated the need of the sacrifices of our own possessions and even our souls for Islam, however, it is clear cut now that some of the comitees have not yet having full faith towards this statement from Allah S.W.T. even a reminder to myself too.

it's true then that the test given by Allah is the best tarbiyah of all others.

Hence, it really make me realise that tarbiyatul ruh is the most vital process among others especially to the naqib's and naqibah where those are the people who are delivering the messages to others!!

Despite all the conflict that had occured between us, we manage to organize the closing ceremony quite smoothly except the fact that the gimic was blown up, we did manage to get few positive comments from other colleges.However, the comment which is the most meaningful to me is this:

" thank you for this great idea of delivering Islam, with Allah's will, we'll try to make one too in our college"

This comment had just made the whole burden of mine,in fact i believe all the others too, who had been working so hard just vanished in a blink!!Subhanallah, thank you Allah for all the strength that you had given us.Although we could'nt reach to everyones' heart, but i'm still glad that we manage to touch some of their hearts who are searching...Alhamdulillah!!!However there are many things to be mend InsyaAllah for the best later on.

To all the comittees, i hereby take this opportunity to thank you all for all the hard work!!!

thank you for those who had been so supportive and accountable in completing the tasks together!!!and i do apologies for every wrong doings that may hurt anyone during the whole week...

And once again,lets refresh our niat, that all that we've done for the past week, is InsyaAllah to get the REDHA from Allah!!!

the 1st Hadith had stated that- "Everything that you do begins with your niat"

so, let's not make all our effort meaningless and of course "pahalaless" when its not done purely because of Allah...haha,new 'vocab' huh?!

jazakillah hu khairan kathiro!!!

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