"CUAK"??Don't be...let's read this...

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To all my beloved friends...especially those KMBians which are now having their  "lubdup" moments....
Now..let us all...take a deep breath....n let us ponder upon this story from a hadith that i would like to share with all of you....

Dari Abu Hurairah ra. berkata, Rasulullah S.A.W. bersabda

"Sesungguhnya Allah S.W.T. berfirman, "Barang siapa memusuhi waliku maka Aku menyatakan perang terhadapnya.Tidaklah hamba-hamba Ku mendekatkan diri kepada-Ku dengan sesuatu yang lebih Aku cintai dari apa-apa yang Aku wajibkan ke atasnya, dan hamba-Ku itu tetap mendekatkan diri kepada-Ku dengan amalan-amalan sunnah sehingga Aku mencintainya. Maka ketika Aku mencintainya,Aku menjadi pendengarannya untuk mendengar,menjadi penglihatnnya yang ia gunakan untuk melihat, menjadi tangannya yang ia gunakan untuk berbuat, dan menjadi kakinya yang ia gunakan untuk berjalan. Jika ia minta kepada-Ku,pasti akan Ku beri,dan jika ia meminta perlindungan kepada-Ku, niscaya Aku akan melindunginya"
HR Bukhari

Now, what has this got to do with getting ourselves calm...well, behind every words, there's always a story you noe...(^_*)
This hadith is actually telling us bout the special position of those who are loved by Allah...the wali of Allah...
Now...here's a story of one of the wali of Allah...A story of one of the sahabat of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, a man named as,Sa'ad Bin Abi Waqas....

Sa'ad Bin Abi Waqas is one of the wali of Allah...and as according to the hadith, those who'd been entitled as the wali's of Allah would have every single prayers of his to be granted...and..so do Sa'ad...
there's this one time where a man lied to him, and when prayed to Allah to let this man to be blind if he lied,and...
So...we get the point then...he's prayers are those which will are qabul(granted) and it's immediately after being asked...(^_^)
However...sad to say that Sa'ad is actually having problems with his vision and that he could not actually see properly as others...
Now, people were getting confused...why is it that if his prayers will be granted immediately, that he did not asked Allah to give him a normal sight back..for him to be able to see the world through...just like all the others which were normal....
so there's this man asking,

"hey Sa'ad, since your prayers are never ever being rejected by Allah, why is it then, that you did not ask for normal sight again?"
(sory, that wasn't really the way that man asked...this is just a version of mine...please forgive me)

well...to the man's most suprise(and me too!!)...Sa'ad's answer was this...(forgive me for putting it in malay, just luv the way it is written)

"Kerana sesungguhnya, tiada yang lebih aku cintai daripada takdir Allah"

Subhanallah...friends of mine....there's nothing that he loved more..than what's written for him by Allah....
Can you imagine that...yes...each of our fate and destiny had been written by Allah...and of course,He knows better than we do...
Can you imagine that...Allah is writting(determining) our fate...with all His love...and of course...He's giving us the best in our life....and we should then, accept it,with love too...and with the feeling of gratefulness...
Subhanallah...it makes me feel better writing this...we should love what Allah had written for us....

kalau kite beriman dengan sifat Allah Al 'Adlu(Maha Adil), maka mengapa harus ade keraguan dan ketakutan dalam jiwa-jiwa kita...insya Allah...itulah yang terbaik yang ditentukan-Nya untuk kita, dengan penuh kasih sayang...sebab Allah tak akan pernah menzalimi hamba-hamba-Nya....kerana sifat Allah yang maha Adil,iaitu meletakkan sesuatu itu pada tempatnya...He'll put us at the right place, where we belong....

Now...lets do a deep thinking there...and I do hope that this could help all of us!!!(^_^)

with lots of luv,
Alaq Ashiqin Sahari
Melaka,Malaysia~1437 hour

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6 Response to "CUAK"??Don't be...let's read this...

July 6, 2010 at 2:41 AM

alaq, your pot makes me feel a lot better. Alhamdulillah.. and thank you.
syg Alaq...

a.i.s.y.a.h. i.s.m.a.i.l
July 6, 2010 at 5:24 AM

insyaallah dear.

have faith!

Allah knows best. :)

nnt dh tau rsult leh la contact2 akak.. insyaallah akak doakan yang terbaek untuk kehidupan dunia dan akhirat korang.

aisyah ismail :)

July 6, 2010 at 8:17 AM

wpon sy blum amek IB exam
tp cerita ni sangat mbantu
terima kasih kak alaq
rindu kt akak2 sume

July 6, 2010 at 6:12 PM

To nadd:
insya Allah...i did this post, n was about to publish it when my mentor called...tak pe..jgn risau...Allah akan hntar kite,right where we belong...cume kene blajar mencari hikmahnya....
insya Allah...syg kamoo juge...

To aisyah ismail
insya Allah akak...maaf kalu menghampakan...pray the best tuk kami sume yer....(^_^)

To:Silent Dreamer
insya Allah...doakan akak2 antunna sume juge...dan teruslah berjuang yer adik2...jgn risau, walaupun hilang segalanya, kalu kite masih ada Allah, there should be no worries...hehe...

July 9, 2010 at 10:21 AM


July 10, 2010 at 3:35 AM

miss ya too...lots of hugss....(^_^)